SFT Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.

Galaxy series low cost

SFT LED Down Light with high brightness LEDs is suitably designed to easily replace existing fluorescent down light used in residential and light commercial applications. They deliver white light with LEDs in a new way that enables an unprecedented combination of light output, high efficacy, beautiful color, ensuring exceptionally long life, significant energy savings, installed into existing fixtures and can lower cost with reduced wattage and relamp frequency.



  • High performance with Competitive price
    Eyes protectionLED Constant current drive, non flash rate
    Up to 50% energy saving compared with fluorescent down light
    reliable & long lifespan, up to 50,000 hours(L70 )
    Highly reflective material maximizes delivered lumens per watt
    Integrated thermal management system conducts heat away from LEDs and transfers it to the surrounding environment.
    Meet CE RoHS
    Low Brightness Eliminates "Pixelation"
    CRI 80
    UGR 15
    State of art Mechanical design, UFO style
  • Model Diameter Voltage System Watt Colour Temperature Lumen output lm/W Dimension Install Dimension CRI
    SFT-TD1101-5W/PW-4 4 Inch 100~240v 5W 4000K 325 65 φ140X65 φ125 80
    SFT-TD1101-5W/CW-4 4 Inch 100~240v 5W 6000K 375 75 φ140X65 φ125 80
    SFT-TD1101-8W/PW-5 5 Inch 100~240v 8W 4000K 520 65 φ178X75 φ155 80
    SFT-TD1101-8W/CW-5 5 Inch 100~240v 8W 6000K 600 75 φ178X75 φ155 80
    SFT-TD1101-15W/PW-5 5 Inch 100~240v 15W 4000K 1050 70 φ178X75 φ155 80
    SFT-TD1101-15W/CW-5 5 Inch 100~240v 15W 6000K 1200 80 φ178X75 φ155 80
    SFT-TD1101-15W/PW-6 6 Inch 100~240v 15W 4000K 1050 70 φ190X90 φ165 80
    SFT-TD1101-15W/CW-6 6 Inch 100~240v 15W 6000K 1200 80 φ190X90 φ165 80
    SFT-TD1101-20W/PW-6 6 Inch 100~240v 20W 4000K 1500 75 φ190X90 φ165 80
    SFT-TD1101-20W/CW-6 6 Inch 100~240v 20W 6000K 1600 80 φ190X90 φ165 80
    SFT-TD1101-25W/PW-8 8 Inch 100~240v 25W 4000K 1875 75 φ230X90 φ205 80
    SFT-TD1101-25W/CW-8 8 Inch 100~240v 25W 6000K 2000 80 φ230X90 φ205 80