SFT Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.

Prince & Princess Magnolia

--- An Extend of The Classic


 After the great success gained by SFT Magnolia LED Bulb, currently our company launches two new products - Prince and Princess Magnolia, which has the same quality as our star product Magnolia but at a lower price. 

  One important point should be emphasized for Prince and Princess Magnolia is that in this series of porducts, SFT have researched and obtained an international innovative patent: a cavity for stabilzing lighting and cooling. It makes a cavity in the body of lamp, which creats a "overspread channel" and increase the cross-ventilation. This design provides a protection for the lighting source by delivering heat rapidly. By this method: the things ensured are: the temperature of lamp body surface < 40° C and the temperature of lamp chip < 85° C.

 As Magnolia have been approved by ES and UL, Prince and Princess series is guaranteed to have the following benefits:

* Long life time: 25000 h, lasting for 10 year.

* Energy saving: 4W LED lamp replacing 40W incandescent lamp, energy saving up to 90%
* Latest technology: Best solution for LED lamp heat dissipation with international patent
* Elegance: Perfect design, simple and elegance
*Great light sensation: provide the lights with strong penetration, increasing the effect of chandelier
* Environmental protection: Non-Hg, Non-UV, Non radiation
* Excellent client service: 5 years quality warranty


Consequently, with a very competitive price, Prince and Princess Magnolia series should be the best choice of LED lighting source for decorative lamp, especially chandelier.