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Philips and SFT make cooperation on 10,000,000 LED Panel Light

On April 26 "the signing ceremony of cooperation in 10 million sets of LED panel lamp between SFT and Philips Lumen leds cum conference of SFT LED panel light” was held in press-center of China International Exhibition Centre, Hall No1. Over 200 leaders, experts, franchisees, distributors of SFT, engineers and designers of lighting industry of China come to the meeting to witness the grand ceremony.

During the signing ceremony, the chairman of SFT Mr. Shi Jie and Philips lumenleds’ senior director of Asia-Pacific market promotion Mr. Zhou Xuejun made speeches and signed the cooperation agreement of 10 million sets of LED panel lamp.

Mr. Shi Jie said, as a LED lighting business in researching and innovation direction, SFT continuously upgrade its technical level, as well constantly pursuit higher quality of product in order to meet customers' growing demand. SFT has always been committed to cooperate with world-class upstream manufacturing enterprises to create superior terminal products with first-class light source. Based on this concept, SFT Lighting and Philips lumenleds establish the project partnership to integrate their technical resources, to create a new generation of LED panel lamp to meet the huge market demand of indoor lighting.

The director Zhou Xuejun said, Philips lumenleds as the leading high - power LED chip manufacturers in the world, this cooperation is not only because optimistic about the rapid development of China's LED lighting market, but also because of the superiority of SFT brand and customer resources in China’s indoor lighting market. Meanwhile, Philips lumenleds and SFT have very similar business philosophy, the two brands make our common goals and direction as constant innovation and continuously creating for customers the perfect combination of technology and art LED lighting products.

SFT- LED ipanel series has reached or even exceeded the functional requirements for basis lighting on technical aspects of the efficacy, illuminance , light distribution and uniformity. Compared with the LED panel on market, it needs lower power under the same illumination and shows better energy-saving effect. Due to the use of high sealing dust patented technology, LED panel is not only more scientific and humane in the office, business, commercial lighting applications, but the application of LED lighting products in factory floor and laboratory with high purity requirements also becomes possible; the high moisture sealing technology provides a creative solution to lighting in wet space; iPanel series has a delicate appearance, no water marks and spots after long-term use, making the office and commercial lighting more healthy and beautiful. It is particularly important that the iPanel adheres to SFT’s consistent price concept “high quality but not expensive” and comprehensively exceeds T5 LED panel on cost-effect.