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Artemis series low cost

SFT LED Recessed Troffer Artemis series are LED retrofit replacements alternative for fluorescent troffer. Artemis’s high performance LED system, advanced light distribution and attractive appearance deliver unprecedented energy savings and offer the most advanced luminaire for general-ambient lighting applications. High-efficacy light engine delivers long life and excellent color, ensuring a superior quality lighting installation that is highly efficient and sustainable. With high performance but competitive price closing to the price level as famous brand fluorescent fixture, They are the ideal solution for offices, schools, hospitals, retail and other applications.



  • *High performance with Competitive price
    *Meet CE RoHS (Euro Version)
    *Uniform and Soft Light, advanced reformative optics delivers greater distribution and uniformity of light
    *Low Brightness Eliminates "Pixelation"
    *CRI 80
    *Up to 50% energy saving compared with fluorescent troffer
    *Extreme longer lifetime up to 50,000 hours (L70 )
    *Lighting source module design, easy installation and maintenance                         
    *75 Lumens Per Watt
    *0.25W with High Efficacy LEDs
    *Low Brightness Eliminates "Pixelation"
    *Superior Thermal Management Reduces Heat Sink Size
    *No Socket Shadows
  • Model Voltage System Watt CCT Lumen output Dimension Install Dimension CRI Beam Angle PF Life Time
    SFT-DP1201-2X2-LED30W/PW 220~240v 35W 4000K 2800 597X597x78 579X579 82 120° 0.95 50000
    SFT-DP1201-2X2-LED30W/CW 220~240v 35W 6000K 2800 597X597x78 579X579 75 120° 0.95 50000
    SFT-DP1201-1X4-LED40W/PW 220~240v 40W 4000K 3200 1197X297x78 1179X279 82 120° 0.95 50000
    SFT-DP1201-1X4-LED40W/CW 220~240v 40W 6000K 3200 1197X297x78 1179X279 75 120° 0.95 50000
    SFT-DP1201-2X4-LED60W/PW 220~240v 60W 4000K 5000 1197X597x78 1179X279 82 120° 0.95 50000
    SFT-DP1201-2X4-LED60W/CW 220~240v 60W 6000K 5000 1197X597x78 1179X279 75 120° 0.95 50000