SFT Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.

Magnolia Prince/Princess

Magnolia-Prince-&-PrincessSFT Magnolia LED B35 candle is a creative product. By adopting artistical design idea, SFT applies Magnolia shape into the LED bulb and creates the patented distributing cavity technology. With this technology, the omnidirectional lighting and better thermal dissipation can be realized. The lamp offers naturally warm light with beautiful sparking effect, while consuming energy only, which meets the Energy Star standard.

SFT Magnolia LED B35 candle is ideal for installation in various kinds of fixtures where people can easily enjoy the art of light played together with glass. Lamps can perfectly work with crystal chandeliers, wall sconces where lamps are exposed or modern fixtures with glass shield.


  • ● Comfortable soft warm light by frosted bulb. Perfect for
    chandelier application.
    ● 300°light distribution. All around illumination.
    ● Small size with high lumen output.
    ● Excellent stability of light color temperature by white LED
    technology with top brands.
    ● Long life, 25000 hr guarantees no maintenance over 22.8
    years if lit 3hrs a day.
    ● Energy saving: up to 90% energy saving.
    ● True vision by high color rendering index.
    ● No mercury, no UV light, no hazardous material, benefit
    for your health and environment friendly.
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