SFT Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.

High bay North America Version

SFT LED-GC 1001 high bay fixture with elegant shapes and multiple international patent technologies is composed of reflectors to generate high quality lighting. If features an advanced LED optic specifically designed for directly replacing HID high-bays of up to 400W, enabling significant energy saving and providing wonderful illuminative solutions to plants, shopping centers, supermarkets, warehouses with high uniformity and excellent vertical light distribution with reduced glare and effective security light levels.



  • * Cree inside: high quality, over 35,000 operating hours reduces maintenance burden and equipment replacement costs.
    * Patent technology of hear dissipation: long lifetime, 35,000 hours @ Ta 45 degree.
    * Significant energy savings up to 60%.
    * High uniformity and excellent vertical light distribution.
    * Anti glare, use patented reflector to reach protection angle as 45°.                                                                              
    * Offers a choice of dedicated high-quality optics, fill the space with a gentle, comfortable light.
    * For wet locations and enclosure classified IP65.
    * Modular design accommodates varied lighting output from high brightness.
  • Model LED source brand Voltage System Watts CCT PF Current Color Rendering Beam Angle Lifetime
    V W lm K mA hr
    SFT-GC1001-4 CREE(XP-G) AC100-277V 130 10400 5700 0.95 700 75 95°*95° 50000
    SFT-GC1001-5 CREE(XP-G) AC100-277V 160 12800 5700 0.95 700 75 95°*95° 50000
    SFT-GC1001-6 CREE(XP-G) AC100-277V 200 16000 5700 0.95 700 75 95°*95° 50000