SFT Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.

T8 Series 3rd series low cost



  • The housing is made of high-quality cold rolled steel and treated by 14processes including acid cleaning, phosphoric processing.
    Painted with powder electrostatic spraying by WAGNER (GERMANY) equipment, the surface is elegant, UV resistant and no fades.
    Spring latches hinged on either side for easy re-lamping and cleaning.
    Specula aluminum louver and satin aluminum louver are made of import or
    SFT patented high-quality aluminum board.
  • The fashionable housing is delicate and easy to be mounted. The grid is specially processed to single parabolic or double parabolic to make the louver with high reflecting efficiency and strong UV-resistance. The surface is treated with antistatic process, no fade and dust-prevent. The single or double parabolic grid can meet different requirements. Housing height is 7.5cm, provide general illumination especially for computer area, single parabolic and double parabolic for option.
  • High power factor electronic ballast or low power, noiseless and long performance lifetime energy-saving electronic magnetic ballast for option.