SFT Optoelectronic Co. Ltd.

ZD903 50W/70W

By maximizing energy savings and providing uniform and comfortable white light, SFT ZD903 series are perfectly adapted to illuminate public spaces in cities such as foot and cycle paths, urban and residential streets, parking lots, rural road and courtyard. The performance, energy savings, and uniformity of these luminaries allow them to be a one to one replacement for standard HID luminaries. With 12v/24v DC interface, they are also applicable to be integrated into solar lighting system.



  • *Excellent uniformity and target efficacy.
    *Energy saving and maintenance free.
    *Long lifetime of 35000 hours.
    *Incorporates the latest LED technology.
    *Solar lighting system interface available.
    *Luminaries is rugged made by low copper aluminum with weathertight LED driver compartments and high performance heat sinks..
    *Patented all-in-one heat dissipation technology.
    *Slim, low profile, minimizing wind load requirements.
  • Model LED source brand System Watts Luminaire Efficacy Luminous flux CCT PF Color Rendering Beam Angle Lifetime Luminaire Dimension
    W Lm/W lm K ° hr mm
    SFT-ZD903-1 CREE XP-G 50 80 4000 5700 0.95 75 135°×75° 50000 582×284×86
    SFT-ZD903G-1 CREE XP-G 50 80 4000 5700 1.00 75 135°×75° 50000 582×284×86
    SFT-ZD903-2 CREE XP-G 70 80 5600 5700 0.95 75 135°×75° 50000 654×284×86
    SFT-ZD903G-2 CREE XP-G 70 80 5600 5700 1.00 75 135°×75° 50000 654×284×86